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Fabric Posters Specifications

fabric posters





Our fabric posters are the perfect and inexpensive way to bring some style to your space. They are very easy to apply and can be repositioned without harming your walls.

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The great thing about wall decals is also the fact that the fabric wont become damaged with folds and wrinkles as much as paper posters do, they last much longer.


They can be used as regular wall posters and you can still post them on your wall without actually sticking them.


When you’re sure where you want it you can then have it permanently on your wall. Here is a quick installation guide if you decide to stick it.



Installation and questions


Fabric posters are very easy to setup. Below are some common questions.



What types of surfaces can I stick a fabric poster on?

Fabric posters work best on clean, smooth surfaces. Some ideal surfaces include:  untextured walls, ceilings, glass, sealed concrete floors, tile, smooth metal, finished wood surfaces and plastic surfaces. The more porous the surface is, the easier it will be to get the poster off.


What types of surfaces should I avoid?

Highly textured walls and anything that is very porous are not recommended for sticking your poster on. Examples include unfinished wood, stucco, freshly painted walls (wait 30 days), brick, concrete blocks, and fibrous materials.


Will the decal poster damage the paint on the wall?

Wall decals should not leave any sticky residue behind as they are designed to come off clean. The decal might remove some paint if the paint was not applied properly or if it is old, chipping, or flaking.


How do I remove it?

Slowly peel it off the wall by first peeling up a corner with your fingernail. The use of a hair dryer is recommended if you have applied it to a less-porous surface such as glass. It will make it easier to remove it if you use the hand dryer on low heat in order to release the adhesive.


Can I clean my poster?

Yes. Simply use a damp cloth and gently wipe off. The use of chemical products is not recommended as they might damage the adhesive fabric.


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